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Fan fics and HALPPPP!!!

I've added a link to what I consider to be a beautifully written fan fic by polgarawolf that essentially re-writes Revenge of the Sith and one I wish to hell George had read before filming but clearly didn't.......we'll just ignore the whole paradox of the film having to be made for the fan fic to even have been written at all........

The Ani/Obi-Wan smoochies are just beautiful.

I'm going to ask for help now.

I'm writing a fan fic at the moment that's going to have three different fandoms in it and I've decided in my stupidity it would be a fun to write a story that has Anakin, Obi-Wan, Curt and Brian all dumped somewhat unceromoniously (er sp?) in the Matrix with one very confused Neo and equally confused if not totally pissed of Architect who suddenly has a Matrix full of anomolies. Now I've got it started..........finally but my problem is how do I get the four men in the Matrix.

The problem stems from the desire to want however they all get there to be similar so that throws out the Force with Ani and Obi since neither Curt or Brian can access it since it not exsisting in early 70's London but then Curt and Brian have no access to PC's at all so I can't even use that. I thought about the alien theme in VG but not sure I like it................HALPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
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