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My muse ran away with the plot

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This is a help community for fanfic writers of all things Ewan McGregor, be they RL fics or slash pairings from his many films or crossovers character pairings or whatever you want to write about Ewan and are having trouble with it.

After a conversation with lucasluvs about plot bunny's, fan fics and missing muses I created this community with the idea in mind of people being able to ask for help because they're just plain stuck due to your muse going on and unannounced holiday, like mine seems to do all the time, and need a little inspiration to kick start your mind and the fic.

Anyone is more than welcome to post plot bunny's but you'll prolly get a better response from the relevant community you'll be posting the fic in.

It would also be good if anyone had a fan fic they loved so much they've read it a bazillion times and would like to share it with everyone:) I'm all for sharing Ewan anything *giggles*