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Ah-ha! It's letting me post after all!

Omigod, look at all the pretty Ewan pics! *Stares happily and hums* Y'all may not want to let me post here too often if we're really allowed to give away plot bunnies. I've only got dozens of the suckers, and it's all Ewan's fault. He's just too darn irresistable. *Sighs*

Hmmm . . . I'm not good with recs, but _e_w_a_n_
might be interesting to some . . .
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Hello honey *waves*

LOL post as often as you like sweets :) The more the merrier IMO:) *hugs you*
*Waves back happily*
Great googlie-mooglie, don't tell me that! I'll never stop posting stray plot bunnies in the hopes that someone will adopt them if I get started! I had to stop trying to read that Riding the Wheel of If story cycle people kept telling me I needed to read when I was first discovering a lot of SW and/or Ewan-ish sites, and I literally had to do so because it kept generating too many Ewan-centric plot bunnies and they were driving me nuts. That's one of the only things I've ever stopped reading part-way through because it was making me think too much - though I doubt I was meant to be thinking in most of those directions! *Lol and shakes head semi-ruefully* Hmm. You know, if you're interested in all kinds of possible Ewan pairings, you might actually go ask that author. I'm not a Qui/Obi person, as you may have very well guessed by now (at which thought she can't quite entirely repress a shudder), so I'm not exactly qualified to truly appreciate the vast majority of her stories, but MrsHamill is . . . inventive, if nothing else. *Snickers at the understatement* Ever heard of Mom's Kitchen? That's the name of her website. It's on the same hawksong.com that several other huge lots of SW AU fics are on that I've never finished reading mostly because my brain refuses to wrap around the notion of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon being together like that. They're all big Master/Apprentice-type writers. Not exactly my personal cup of tea, but there is lots of Obi-Wan, guaranteed, which means lots of potential Ewan-time, if one looks at it from a certain point of view. *Shrugs and grins lopsidedly*
Hehehehe like I said post away.

Haven't heard of any of this but I'll have to check them out. I'm not sure whether I like Qui-Gon and Obi as a pair. I have read one fic that was well written and I liked the pairing as it was written then but I doubt I'll ever write that pairing myself. I like Hayden as much as I like Ewan so that pairing is more comfortable for me and to be honest I'm still shocked I love those two as much as Curt and Brian.

I think the strangest and frankly ewwwww character pairing has to be Tom Lincoln and Lincoln 6 Echo. I can't help but feel it's just sick and wrong (as Ron Stopable would say) on so many levels

Hehehe I had noticed you're only slightly fond of Obi and Ani as a pairing. Just a teensy incy wittle bit *holds hands as far apart as possible*
In that case, I may have to start making actual notes on the little buggers so I can post them properly. I used to keep a log of all my various story ideas but it only encouraged the blasted bunnies and I stopped after I finallly settled in with the WiP because they were driving me nuts. *Grins evilly and rubs hands together* But this would be a way to do something with all of the pesky things and not have any major guilt over neglecting the WiP storylines. *Begins to plot for a major bunny giveaway*

I like to consider myself open-minded, but there are a few SW pairings that make me twitch with the need to run for the hills, and Qui/Obi is one of those pairings. I just can't get past the hidious way Qui-Gon treats Obi-Wan in the canon and EU. That kind of situation lends itself too easily to abuse. I know a lot of people really think or thought that those two are the SW prequel OTP, but I can't stomach the pairing, myself. Even with fic where the pairing is AU as all get out and the story's really written well,
I can't shut up the voice in the back of my head screaming that the whole thing is just wrong. So . . . *Shrugs, a bit helplessly* It really tends to limit my SW potential reading material, since honestly it seems like a vast majority of prequel fic is either Qui/Obi or gen-fic, which means I probably spend less time reading than I should and no doubt miss all kinds of goodies. *Sighs* But what can you do? *Shrugs* I will go for an Ewan or other Ewan-character fic before I will read anything Qui/Obi, most of the time. As many different films as Ewan's been in that have fanbases, it's usually easier to find something else good with him in it than it is to find SW prequel fic with Obi-Wan as a main character that doesn't give me a case of the heebie-jeebies.

*Snickers* I think I read one fic (it wasn't done, last time I checked) that had that pairing that didn't just make me even more pissed off at the character of Tom Lincoln than I had been to begin with, and it was one where his death as it happens in the movie ended up being, well, not exactly staged, but not real, either. And the whole thing still kind of bothered me, because it felt so much like an extended experiment is literal self-narcaccistic love.

*Snickers up sleeve* Gee, and here I thought I was being subtle about it! *Lol!*
Please do. I'm always looking for ideas to write fics about. I can promt people all over the place but can never think up ones for myself.

Uh ok well I've never read anything of Qui-Qon outside fan fics and what I've seen in the first film so I'm not as versed in his character and his relationship to Obi as you :) I just don't find the pairing particularly atractive as much as anything.

Yes that's exactly it. Licoln and Tom Licoln making out is like kissing yourself. Literally and I find that very disturbing not that I'll stop anyone from making fic suggestion for that pairing if they wish to but ewwwwwwwww all the same.

Heheheh so very subtle you were :)
Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you! Give me a couple of days to get a few ideas typed up and I'll start posting some. I should warn you that there will probably be more plot bunnies for SW-ish stories (even though you can probably guess that already), but that's only because I've been emotionally invested in the untold story of the broken relationship of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker since long before I ever knew who Ewan was (seeing as how I've been obsessed with that untold story since I first saw the original SW trio of films, which happened when I was extremely young and so was well before Ewan ever even thought of becoming an actor).

Eh, s'okay. I get the feeling that a lot of the writers who chose that particular pairing were going mainly on what's in that first prequel film alone. It just happens that I'm a SW nerd as well as being a huge fan of Ewan's, which means I know a lot more about the characters than gets told in the actual films. I've got shelves full of SW Expanded Universe books. The fact that Ewan played Obi-Wan in the prequel films only makes things better for me, because I adore Ewan and I honestly believe that his Obi-Wan is easily the most engaging and sympathetic of all the SW characters in all of the films. I have issues with Qui-Gon Jinn because I think the man's an arrogant know-it-all and it is a fact that he consistently treated Obi-Wan like crap and took him for granted in both the EU and the canon, and yet no one ever seems to notice or to call him on his dredful behavior. I take issue with the notion of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as a couple because Qui-Gon was frankly a very authoritarian Master who, in the EU, more than once refused to take Obi-Wan on as a Padawan and then tried to abandon him as a Padawan because Obi-Wan wasn't being obedient enough to suit his tastes. I kid you not. Obi-Wan was being sent to Bandomeer and the Agri-Corps - essentially cast out of the Jedi Order, for not having been chosen as someone's Padawan by a certain age because Yoda wanted Qui-Gon to choose Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon kept refusing - when Qui-Gon finally agreed to take him on as an apprentice the first time, and only after refusing to do so several times, first, and each time justifying his refusal with Obi-Wan's supposedly inability to control himself, to control his anger and to follow orders. Then, when Obi-Wan was still only 13, Qui-Gon abandoned him on a world in a middle of a generations-long civil war because he disagreed with Qui-Gon about what they should do on their mission (which Qui-Gon was choosing to abandon). By abandoning him then, Qui-Gon stripped Obi-Wan of his status as a Padawan and a Jedi apprentice. Obi-Wan had to prove himself sufficiently contrite for Qui-Gon to agree to take him back on as a Padawan and he had to defy an order from the High Council in order to do it. This is not the kind of dynamic that lends itself to a healthy atmosphere for romantic love, IMHO. Qui-Gon just has way too much power over Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan is too willing to do anything to please Qui-Gon. The idea of them being involved, even in an AU setting, disturbs me because I can't see it as anything other than Qui-Gon taking advantage. *Shrugs, a bit helplessly* And that's probably way more than you ever wanted to know about those two, but I figured I should explain myself.

*Nods in agreement* Very much so, yes!

*Snickers* Subtle as a brick wall, eh?
I was 11 when Star Wars came out....still can't call it A New Hope and apart from forming a life long crush on Harrison Ford I never really considered Obi-Wan's past life or his relationship to Vader. Now if you ask me about the Matrix I can go on for weeks about Neo's characterisation and his relationship to Morpheus.

Ok let me say, bloody hell you know your Star Wars *stares in awe at post* and now that you've added that back story I don't think it would be a healthy pairing although if, as you say most people are writing fics from the film alone I can understand their view of the pairing since that's all I have too and their relationship as Master and padawan is not really delved into all that deeply and Obi-Wan's reaction to Qui-Gon's death would be food enough for fics based on only having watched the films. I just happen to be a huge fan of both Ewan and Hayden and I'm happier to slash them since I also think they look damn bloody good as a couple too.

I was too young to see the original trio when they came out on the big screen. But both of my parents loved those movies, my mom especially, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't more than five when I first saw them on video. Those were some of the first VHS movies my parents owned. And while I also adored Han from the very beginning (even when I was too young to really have a proper crush, because he always made me smile), I came away from seeing them wanting to know what had gone wrong to turn Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader and what could, despite Anakin's fall to the Dark Side, have made Obi-Wan so devoted to the man that he would be willing to see to it that his children were raised in such a way that one or the other of them would inevitably end up either saving him or putting an end to him. I was disappointed when I got old enough to read the SW books that had been and were being written and I found out that 99% of them dealt with stuff that happened after Return of the Jedi and the few that touched on things before the first film (which I have to consciously make myself call A New Hope, because that wasn't its title) were either about Han's past or Lando's past. I wanted to know about stuff that happened before the movies, with Obi-Wan and Anakin.

*Grins* I wrote a paper on the first Matrix movie for a class right before the second movie came out. The first movie's definitely my favorite of those three, but I love the ideas in them just to death.

*Snickers* Told ya you'd end up getting all kinds of SW factoids blabbed at you, if you weren't careful. Personally, though, even before I knew about things like that (since such things weren't written about in the prequel books until after TPM came out), I never bought the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan pairing, because I thought Qui was just too self-righteous to get involved with anyone, much less his own young apprentice. *Shrugs* I like Liam Neeson fine and Qui-Gon's got a commanding presence, but the character's just so emotionally detached (and so obviously considers himself above everybody else in the movie) that I just don't naturally think of Liam in a SW setting or his character in sexual or romantic terms. Obi-Wan, on the other hand, is just so very alive and passionate in that first film and so obviously fighting himself very hard to try to present a more proper and reserved and less openly emotional face to his apprentice and the world at large in the other two movies, that it's hard not to think of him in those terms. And Hayden's Anakin is, well, pretty much bursting at the seams with frustrated energy and emotion and vitality. Plus, like you pretty much said, those two just look so darn good and natural and right together! Hayden and Ewan have chemistry to spare. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time imagining either characters or the actors who play them together if they don't have that kind of spark. Almost all of the fandoms I'm interested in where I'm a firm believer in a slash couple have male leads who generate so much chemistry on screen together that you can practically see them spark off of each other. Ewan/Obi-Wan and Hayden/Anakin just happen to be my favorite couple, is all.
I feel so old.

Heheheh I did a philosophy course that was about the Matrix and the teacher pointed out that he felt the Matrix was all the philosophies being introduced to us and the second two films were about those philosophies being played out. I just wish I could understand Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation. More accurately I wish I could follow the way the demented idiot writes.

LOl that's how I feel about Curt and Brian as well. There was so much angst in the film and then they had that fight but Ewan and JRM made that relationship between Curt and Brian that much more real because they had wonderful chemistry on screen. I think though that there is something more between Hayden and Ewan. I dunno what it is but the chemistry between them is almost effortless. Like it's the most natural thing in the world, if that makes an sense.

I also don't think there is any chemistry between Liam Neeson and Ewan. Apart from the roles they play as Jedi Master and Padawan there's nothing really.
Hey, I'm 27! Some people consider that old, too! *lol!*

I quoted from that book somewhere in that paper - commentary about that bit in the film about the desert of the real. I always thought it was absolutely hilarious that the hollowed out book Neo hides those black market discs in are a copy of Simulacra and Simulations. Stuff like that can make the head hurt, but in a good way, if that makes any kind of sense . . .

It makes all kinds of sense, to me. Those two don't just have chemistry together: they have chemistry to spare. They're so natural together, they work together so well, that you tend to forget everything else that's going on or gone on (or gone wrong) in the films whenever they're together. And it's painful to see them split up, because they just don't have anything like the same level of connection or the spark that they do with anyone else. It's no wonder so many people slash Ewan and Hayden. They just generate so much electricity whenever they're on screen together that you'd almost think they really were a couple.

My sentiments exactly! Their characters don't even seem entirely comfortable around each other, for pity's sake! They sure don't talk to each other very openly/honestly, anyway.
Good lord 27 is not old. I'm 40 *sigh* 41 in 2 months *eeeep*

Heheheh oh yeah it makes sense. The Wichowski's are very good at leaving visual hints like that. That whole book thing was so clever in that it was a false book within a false world within another false world being the movie itself. It's like those little Russian wooden dolls that all inside each other.

They do *sigh* I wish they'd make another movie together. Could be anything and without even trying they add a level of unresolved sexual tension that just about drives me nuts. I watch SW and spend an inordinate amouth of time wishing Anakin would just snog Obi-Wan and be done with it even though they don't come close to having that kind of relationship in the film *curses Padme and GL* Oh well a girl can dream. Hence the fan fics.
Well, normally I don't think I'm that old, but there's this girl at the place I work who's barely 19 and I had to finally get out my license to prove how old I was, and somehow that made me feel older, you know?
Personally, though, I don't think 40 is really all that old. (People still have kids at 40, nowadays, you know.) I don't think people are really justified in claiming to be old anymore unless they can receive senior citizen discounts. It just seems wrong to say somebody's old when they're barely even old enough to have lived half of what's starting to be considered a more normal age for folks to reach.

Oh, I know! I love to catch things like that. They tweak my "O, cool!" reflex.

*Sighs right along with you* I know what you mean. I bet if they did, there would be people lining up in the streets to get in to see it, no matter what the movie might be about. I know I would. *Sighs again, this time dreamily while imagining how lovely such a thing as another Ewan/Hayden film would be* Ah, well. Fanfics and dreams will have to do, I suppose.
Hehehehe well the Matrix Trilogy is certaily full of the 'Ooooh Cool' factor. Being a student of history and mythology I loved the names of the characters and how they related to each other or little things like the Hel Club where Trin, Morpheus and Seraph went and Hel is the Nordic Chthonic Goddess of the underworld and there's Persephone who lives with the Greek god of the Underworld for 6 months of the year, Hades in the Hel Club................ok I prattle on for hours about that trilogy *shuts up*

It would be wonderful if they did another movie together but I guess we just have to be patient and hope and possibly begin a letter campaign to both their repsective managments and nag them into it. *nods*

*Snickers* S'okay. I kept looking around for evidence of nine levels for the club (for the nine worlds of Hel) and stray nails. I tend to be a bit literal about my allusions, sometimes.

*Grins wryly* Think there's a chance nagging might help convince them? I'd volunteer to help!