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Okay, so this is kind of a random question, but by any chance do any of you lovely people know of anyone (actor, model, singer, regular joe, what-have-you) who looks enough like Ewan that it might possibly be conceivable that, as a teenager, he could have successfully acted as a decoy/body-double for Ewan? If anyone does, I'd really appreciate knowing about that person and I'll love you forever if you pas on a photo or link to a photo of that person. I have someone in a story I'm, well, not really outlining but organizing plot-threads for, preparatory to any writing, and he's supposed to be the same age as and to have looked enough like my Ewan character (that'd be Obi-Wan Kenobi, for those of you familiar with my SW/Kenobi obsession) that he did precisely that, and I'm drawing an absolute blank when it comes to thinking of somebody who resembles Ewan enough to've been able to do that, even if they were only in their mid teens at the time. Thank you so much for any help! Y'all are dolls!
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