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Not exactly a fic idea, but might help to generate some

Okay, so I know I kept promising to post some bunnies for Ewan. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to get my act together enough to type them up. In the meantime, though, I come with something that kinda, sorta, counts as a gift. And it might even spark some Ewan fic ideas, for those who like their Ewan to play with his lightsaber. *Grins lopsidedly* I've had the same notice up a couple of times on my own lj, but figured I should give y'all a heads up, since nobody ever comments when I remember to try to say something on my own lj about this. Basically, this serves as a notice of Star Wars (includins some lovely Ewan as Obi-Wan!) goodies. For those of you who don't know, there is this wonderfully kind and generous soul on the lj, proud_snapist, who routinely (usually once a week, on the weekends) will post links to places on sendspace.com or other similar sites where she will have made it possible for other folks to download copies of items (books, young adult books, comics, etc.) from the SW EU which she either has Micsoft reader files of (books) or scans of (comics). She is a very kind and very patient person who's willing to share and she will repost links to things whose download links have already expired (told ya she was a sweetie), so folks, if you're looking for a way to read some of the old or new SW comics or novels or young adult books without busting your piggy banks, I'd seriously suggest giving her lj a visit, okay?
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